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Massage Body Oil

Improve your self-care regimen with our luxurious Massage Body Oil, a 60ml elixir created for the discriminating individual. This body oil is a must-have for anybody looking for a wonderful massage experience or to enhance their skin before a bath. It is infused with the soothing characteristics of Jojoba Oil, the relaxing scent of Lavender, and the therapeutic advantages of CBD. Our body oil is ideal for sensitive skin and encourages relaxation and improved sleep, making it an excellent addition to your wellness collection.


Premium Blend: Our Massage Body Oil is a rich blend that includes Jojoba Oil for skin moisturising, Lavender Oil for a peaceful smell, and CBD for relaxation.

Versatile Use: Whether as a massage medium or a nourishing skin treat pre-bath, its flexibility makes it essential.

Sensitive Skin Formula: Designed for sensitive skin, it moisturises without causing irritation.

Sleep Enhancer: Lavender Oil is well-known for its ability to aid sleep, making it a popular bedtime oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Massage Body Oil benefit the skin?

Our Massage Body Oil contains Jojoba Oil, which is recognised for its moisturising effects, making it ideal for keeping skin smooth and supple.

Can this body oil be used in professional massage therapy?

Yes, its composition is ideal for professional use, with a smooth glide and a relaxing scent that enriches any massage session.

Is the CBD in this body oil psychoactive?

No, the CBD in our body oil is not psychotropic and is included because of its ability to relax muscles and relieve stress.

Massage Body Oil Massage Body Oil

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